The following nominations have been received for the Mason City High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  Any new nominations must be received by February 1st in order to be considered for that year.

Alice Phillips

Al Kellum

Barry Alvarez

Bud Berger

Cecil Mott

Clifford Christensen

Craig Mahoney

Dave Killpack

David Wilson

Dean Shunkwiler

Gale Lane

Harrison Kohl

Jack Squires

Jay Benn

Jay Hill

Jerry Barlow

John Oertel

Jon Eldon DeVary

Kayla (Sautter) Wilson

Kirk Anderson

Lynn W. Lee

Marcus Lunning

Matt Klevin

Matt Marquardt

Mike Dutcher

Peter A. Towne

Robert Horner

Ron Wagner

Scott Raridon

Todd Piper

Tony Pappas

1946 - Baseball Team

1956 - Baseball Team

1972-1973 Boys Cross Country Teams

1979 - Boys Track 4 x 8 Relay Team

1990 & 1991 Boys Basketball Teams

1992 - Girls Track 4 x 800 Relay Team

1997 - Hockey Team

2002 - Boys Swimming Relay Team

2004 - Mohawk Danzers